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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Out of the Stone Age


Judge me if you must. But in my free time, mostly at 9 p.m., I play video games.

Things are a lot different nowadays with video games needing the internet. For years we have not had the internet at the Bibbs residence, until a few weeks ago.

It feels like a whole new world. Everything is connected to the internet. Before we installed Triangle’s Internet service, it was fifty-fifty on whether or not you could get through a video without exiting said video because it wouldn’t load. It was a strange thing to be able to look at videos on my phone in High Definition.

Prior to leaving the Stone Age, we could only dream of tuning into Netflix or Hulu. Roku? Forget about it.

It was excruciating playing NBA 2K video games. I was stuck with the same boring dunks, dribbles, and jump shots; game after boring game. The create-a-player mode had no storyline to it. There was no developmental story and I couldn’t update my game or Playstation without hoping I could borrow somebody’s bandwidth.

A few weeks ago, that changed. We are now connected.

PJ saw us log in to Netflix, and he was surprised saying, “I didn’t know we had Netflix!” Now he watches his favorite show Power Rangers: Wild Force. From time to time Lincoln joins him.

Lincoln seems to be getting bigger daily. He is slowly becoming more gentle and loving. The other day I came home on Susan’s off day and he ran up to me to give me a hug! I have asked for hugs over a hundred times and most of the time he ignores me and runs away but not that day. He hugged me and even hugged me a few more times that day. The joys of being a da-da.


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