By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring New for July 17, 2019


Just the typical summer days for this week, hot, high temps in the 90’s then afternoon or evening storms that don't last long but still make me worry! Today for instance, I was driving back from Turner all the while watching a big black storm cloud to the south west! Right when I was coming out of the sag about two miles from home the wind and dust came up, with tumble weeds flying above my car and a little rain. I thought it might be a tornado or wind event, but it only lasted about 10 minutes, no hail thank goodness!

Lulu Besel and I visited with Dorothy Johnson for lunch on Friday. We had a great time and Dorothy was doing well. Then we went on to Havre for check ups and visited with Theresa Cowan, my aunt.

Nancy Murdock and I joined the trivia players at the Blue Ridge Brewery on Thursday. We weren't the winners this week! But it was fun!

Alice Bartz is visiting the Lumsden family for a while. She was an exchange student a few years back from France.

A childhood friend, Monty Compton and his wife, who I hadn't seen for 35 years was here to visit Glenn and Betty Compton, Monty’s uncle and aunt. They made a trip to Loring to look around and came over for dinner on Saturday. So many things to talk about!

On Sunday I journeyed over to Turner to visit my parents’ graves and to see my cousins. Tim and Cindy Cowan are planning a move to South Dakota so they had a party. I visited with my aunt Theresa Cowan, cousins Tim and Rusty, and Keith and Sarah Cowan and Tessa.

Loring Womans Club will be held at the home of Paula Morrison on Wednesday evening. Don't forget the Sunday Funday at Loring on July 28. The best day of the year in Loring! Water slides, food, Norweigan horseshoes and more!

The flax field west of Malta reminds me of a huge lake! It is a beautiful blue, but only in the morning, the blossoms petals fall off in the breeze and then new blooms come the next morning! I stopped to take a photo and a family from Minnesota had stopped, commenting that it was the biggest field of flax they had seen! The canola fields are also beautiful with the bright yellow and the peas with their white blossoms! I did see a couple of oat fields toward Turner. The wheat, barley, and hay barley all add a different shade of green, so beautiful!


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