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Youth Rodeo to return to PC Fair


Mark Hebert

Roan Ereaux's mutton busting attempt at the Youth Rodeo.

The last day at the Phillips County Fair will be action packed as the Grandstands are set to host the 2019 P.C. Fair Indian Relay Races and Youth Rodeo.

The event will be the third installment of the Relay Races, an event put on by Fort Belknap's Northeast Corner.

"Last year's relays went really well," said Francine KillEagle, the event's coordinator. "The stands were full again and we had more great teams and races. It's a good feeling seeing people come together and watching the talent and excitement during the exchanges and fast-paced races. The Calcutta is fun and gets interesting. It's an amazing experience. We invite everyone to Dodson to come out and enjoy another year of horseracing."

This will be the second year for the youth rodeo, which featured 17 events including junior Bull Riding, Mutton Busting, Pole Bending, Break Away Roping and more.

The event is set to start at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 4.

Last year's winners were: Mutton Busting: 1st Roan Ereaux, $75. 2nd KJ Fetter, $45. 3rd Derek Stiffarm, $30. Barrel Racing 14-18: 1st Brittney Cox, $98. 2nd Kylee Mikoski, $59. 3rd Danie Rhodes, $39. Pony Race: 1st Kale Ereaux, $50 (only first place took a purse.) Pole Bending: 1st Kashlynn Speakthunder, $78. 2nd Tearia Sunchild, $46. 3rd Blake Ozark, $31. Break Away Roping Girls 8-13. No winners. Open Horse Race: 1st Caleb Ditmar, $60. 2nd Kylee McKrasky, $20. 3rd Charlee Rhodes, $20. Pole Bending: 14-18: 1st Kylie Mikoski, $88. 2nd Brittney Cox, $52. 3rd Danie Rhodes, $35. Break Away Roping Girls 14-18: 1st Rebecca Stroh, $155. Break Away Roping Boys 8-13: 1st Karsen Campell, $140. Steer Riding 8-13: Alex Werk, $125. Chute Dogging 14-18: 1st Ty Murphy, $195. Break Away Roping Boys 14-18: 1st Caleb Cole, $105. 2nd Kyan Young, $70. Ranch Bronc Riding 14-18: 1st Sam Malmend, $84. 2nd Les Jones, $56. Junior Bull Riding: Ken Hoops Main, $160. Barrel racing 8-13: 1st Morgan McEwen, $93. Blake Ozark, $55. 3rd Mattie McEwen, $37.


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