New Parks and Rec Director

Wright promoted as Tatafu takes job in Nashua


Pierre Bibbs

Sally Wright was hired as the City's newest Parks and Recreation Director.

The City of Malta's Department of Parks and Recreation will have a new look at staff as it will be under new directorship.

Technically, it is already under new directorship as Sally Wright (married to John Wright) took on the mantle of Parks and Rec Director last Monday, July 15, at Malta's City Hall. Wright previously served as the Assistant Director under Julia Tatafu, who is overseeing the department until the end of the month.

Tatafu has agreed to work as Athletic Director at Nashua High School. Tatafu will also teach Physical Education at Nashua Public Schools.

"It was wonderful working with her and learning the program and what she has brought to town," said Wright who moved from Lewistown a year-and-a-half ago.

Primed and prepared for her new role in the community, Wright, who started working the department last year is ready. As a mother of five children, Wright knows the importance of keeping kids active.

"I am very excited just to keep the program going," Wright said. "Our youth really need these activities and for us to keep pushing those activities so our kids have something to do."

Wright, who was born in Malta and raised in Lewistown, also expressed that she wouldn't be opposed to adding different events and activities to the department's yearly agenda. She was also appreciative of those who have been helping with the events as volunteers.

"I think it's a wonderful program and we need to keep going with it," Wright said. "We are very lucky to be able to have volunteers to help us out with these programs."

Wright and the City of Malta hired Jessica Zieger to fill the role of Assistant Director.

"I think it will be wonderful because we are just two moms that want to keep everything going," Wright said.


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