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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Happy Crazy Days


INFO Though I missed a lot of it, I thoroughly enjoyed what time I did spend at the Malta Chamber of Commerce’s Malta Crazy Days event.

Like the First State Bank Car Show, or any other big event that occurs in Phillips County, I get encouraged by the show of familiar faces interacting with each other.

The growth in the City of Malta has been made apparent by a few things that I have seen or have heard about recently including the fact that there are almost fifty kids in PJ’s graduating class, so much so that I heard the school hired a third kindergarten teacher.

It was great seeing the number of softball players and fans during the men’s and women’s softball this year and the number of kids playing t-ball, baseball and softball this summer.

I can only hope that all of this community growth can net Malta a Taco Bell. That may be a pipe dream, but I believe that a cheesy gordita crunch can cure many ills including seasonal depression.

I am looking forward to the P.C. Fair. Seeing so much activity reminds me of my hometown and for that I am happy.

I am happy to also announce that I have been selling home roasted coffee for the last few weeks under the name The Dreaded Bean Coffee Company AKA The Dreaded Bean. I believe that so far it has been well received and I am learning more about the craft of roasting almost daily.

It has been overwhelming how positive people have been regarding our little family business. It has been cool to have been a part of fundraisers, farmers markets, and to be a part of people’s coffee routine.

Another update for our family is that to my wife’s joy, we are officially a minivan-driving family. I begrudgingly gave up on keeping our sports utility vehicle, because I am learning that a happy wife does in fact mean a happy life.


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