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By Mark Hebert

Open Class entries total 2,046 at Phillips County Fair


August 7, 2019

Mark Hebert

Dixie Stordahl's Reserve Champion water color entry at this year's Phillips County Fair Open Class.

Though down a bit from last year, the Phillips County Fair Open Class clocked in with 2,046 entries judged by a total of 253 exhibitors, just a tick off of the 2018 totals of 2,279 and 289 respectively. All told, a total of $4,850 was paid out of a possible $16,450 in premiums offered (2018 saw $17,516 offered in premiums.)

"We are thrilled with numbers of entries this year, again, even though they are down a little," Joy Linn, Phillips County Fair Board, told the PCN on Sunday. "We added some new categories this year and I am happy to say, each new category had entrants. We have been expecting a smaller turn out since the 100th anniversary in 2015 and we sort of saw that this year, but overall it was another great fair.

Of the top five open class exhibitors this year (see the list below) a new name among the ranks was Nolan Moore, age 7 from Malta. Nolan was in Sidney, Mont., with his teammates on the Malta Swim Team for the State Meet, but through the power of social media told the PCN that he hoped to save his winnings from the fair, a total of $114, to save up for a new Xbox.

"I am so happy that he did so well on his projects since it seemed like he was always brainstorming or crafting things so maybe I can get my kitchen table back for a while and not full of craft items," Nolan's mother, Julie, told the PCN. "I really don't mind his 'messes' because he is expanding his creative ability and talent."

Of all his entries at the Phillips County Fair this year, Nolan said he favorites came in the art category, one entitled "Bambi" because "it was just so cute," and another entitled "Olaf" because it was fun, but hard to find arms for (Nolan relayed this message through Julie right before he headed off to compete in the breaststroke.)"

As it has been in past years, Needlework, Art, Hobbies once again saw the most entries this year with a total of 815, nearly 40-percent of the total entries.

Premiums Exhibitors, Entries and Premiums paid: Live Stock, 8 exhibitors, 16 entries judged, $71 paid; Community Exhibits, 3 exhibitors, 6 entries, $150 paid; Grain, Grass, Vegetables, and Fruit, 36 exhibitors, 248 entries, $617 paid, Floriculture, 60 exhibitors, 272 entries, $734 paid; Culinary, 45 exhibitors, 305 entries, $841 paid; Needlework, Art, Hobbies, 96 exhibitors, 815 entries judged, $2,068 paid, and Schools, 5 exhibitors, 327 entries, and $367 paid.

Top 5 Open Class Exhibitors: 1. Vivian Bruckner, $188. 2. Rose Teske, $163. 3. Jeanie Green, $138. 4. Nolan Moore, $114. 5. Toni Ziegler, $104.

Grand & Reserve Ribbons

Flowers: Kathy Water, double-lily Grand, Corin Salveson, hydrangea-Reserve, TJ Siewing, Animals on Parade arrangement, John Sunford, Off to the races-Reserve, Kassidy Mobic, off to the races-Grand, Kassidy Mobic, Derby Cars-Reserve. Emma Solberg, Derby cars-Grand. Roxy Hickel, Off to the races_Reserve. Sharon Miller, Tilt a whirl floral-Grand. Jane Eraux, Ferris wheel-Reserve.

Vegetable: Donna Korman, Saco, celery-Grand, Loretta Menge, Saco, cabbage-Reserve, Jane Ereaux, Malta, peaches-Grand, Lowell Hofer, Malta, broccoli-Reserve, Terri Cole, Dodson, potatoes-Grand, Terri Cole, Dodson, onions-Reserve.

Needlework: Donna Scheffelmear, crocheted sweater-Grand, Merrilyn Black, knit stole-Grand, Matilda Hofer, wine bag, Grand, June Mavencamp, recycled-Reserve, Romana King, fowl drawing-Grand, Dixie Stordahl, sunrise/sunset photo-Reserve, Bonnie Ost, stamped cards-Reserve, Lily Hofer, stamped cards-Reserve, Camri Salveson, wind chimes-Grand, Tanner Wiederrick, wind chimes- Grand, Kayla Jo Ottinger, cow photo-Grand. Polly Solberg, quilted bag-Grand.

Foods: Melissa Hofer, dried jerky-Grand, Doris Sjostrom, fruit filled cookies-Grand, Jeannie Green, apple-Grand, Doris Sjostrom, fancy rolls-Grand, Melissa Hofer, sandwich buns-Grand, Deliah Hofer, bread-Reserve, Toni Ziegler, chiffon cake-Reserve, Gina Lamb, oatmeal cookies-Reserve, Jean Mavencamp, suckers-Grand, Rosa Witmer, vegetable pickles-Grand, Wendy Simanton, fruit spread-Grand, Rosemary Veseth, Bing cherries-Grand, Matilda Hofer, mixed vegetables-Reserve, Dixie Moore, bread and butter pickles-Reserve, Lou Dalby, cucumber pickles-Reserve, Matilda Hofer, Jam-Reserve, Jeannie Green, brown eggs-Grand, Jeannie Green, eggs-Grand, Corbin Salveson, banana bread-Grand, Camri Salveson, party cupcakes-Grand, Trevor Knowles, coffee cake-Reserve, Kayla Jo Ottinger, cornbread-Reserve, Lavida White, peanut butter cookies-Grand, Carson Ottinger, cupcakes-Grand, Mercedes Mayer, apple pie-Reserve, Lena Tremblay, angle food cake-Reserve, Wendy Simanton, gift basket-Grand, Rhonda Whitmer, gift basket-Grand & Reserve.


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