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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for August 7, 2019


August 7, 2019

What a week of summer weather! High temps and plenty of wind! And even at night, it didn't cool down much. But that is what summer is in Montana! Only one night of warm temps and that may be more noticeable to me this summer since I don't have many windows open. Lightning and thunder for a couple of nights, too. No fires started so far and still no solid rain, praise the Lord!

The baby robins are really demanding of their parents! Their little squawk is not so pleasant right now. But it does get the mother’s attention and pretty soon she comes by with a morsel for the young one! Just love watching the family dynamics!

On Wednesday, Alice Bartz cooked up a huge pot of risotto and Carol and Pete grilled some steak and invited me over for supper! It was fun. Alice left on Sunday on the train so it was a good time to visit her. I'm sure she'll be missed for a while!

I took Debbie Dyrdahl to see Leroy at the HLRC on Wednesday. Things were going ok for Leroy. He has had a fall and his hip hurts but it has been x rayed and no broken bones showed up. Falling hurts me!

I see Boris the mayor of Loring has made his rounds today.

Anne Boothe hosted a patio party on Tuesday for the GPDM board and employees. It was a delicious and stimulating conversation!

Friday Cary Woodruff cooked up his stash of catfish and carp that he caught in the Milk River this spring! The catfish was tasty and no bones. But the carp had bones so we had to be careful! Amanda Hendrix and I were in charge of sides. We watched the second Jurassic Park movie and then I drove home.

I entered my water color paintings in the fair. I hadn't done any entries for years but this turned out nice! I had 13 pieces and I got 12 first place ribbons and a second-place! One of the pictures was reserve champ! I was very happy. Thank you, everyone! Cary, Amanda and I watched the hog showmanship for a while on Thursday. I visited with Mike and Debbie Hammond, Brenda Kornfield. Buckshot Nelson, Brenda Clark, and Tracy Hanley! I haven't seen them all summer! Then at the 4H booth, I sat with Scott Anderson, Jeanie Green and Nancy Murdock while I ate my burger with fried onions!

Oh, where has the summer gone? School starts in Whitewater next week!

And don't forget to watch for meteors, this week especially, its time for the Perseids. Be safe until next time!!


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