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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

I love 'van'?


August 7, 2019

I know I was skeptical at first per my previous write up about our new vehicle. But I have been driving our family minivan for a week or so and I love it.

I know praising the room, comfort and dependability of our van does not give me my cool card back, but I think I actually like this thing.

I have had my product at various events and farmer’s markets and all I can say is wow. I packed that van down with my supplies and had plenty of room for my family and other things.

I love the fact that our van has climate controls for the kids in the back, so when it’s hotter or colder than normal, we can adjust their temperature accordingly.

The van has no special features. The doors wont close at a push of a button. There is no GPS, no backup camera, no power seats, no overhead garage door opener. As far as a new to us van, this thing is as basic as it comes. We are lucky the thing has cruise control and a radio.

Despite all of it’s short-comings in the luxury department, I must say that it does ride well and I feel like it’s a really safe family vehicle.

I could foresee us owning this van for a long time. I could even see PJ learning how to drive in this van. I definitely learned how to drive in my mom’s minivan and one day I will likely pass that honor on to him.

Speaking of our boys, this school year I had the chance to do something that I never thought I would be able to do; buy my boys their first pair of Jordan Brand basketball shoes. They were on clearance but it was a good day for the Bibbs boys. Lincoln loves them so much that whenever we take them off he cries.


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