Whitewater News & Opinion for August 21


August 21, 2019

Sympathy to the families of Justin Lucas who died in a recent accident.

Late note from the Phillips County Fair: On Sunday, August 4, trailers and campers from various Native American tribes from all over Montana and other places were at the fair for the “Indian Relay Races.” It was awesome. Those boys are so fearless and brave. Attendance at the event was awesome.

Gale Young took Janet back to Billings and then Gale went camping in Yellowstone.

I went to the Phillips County Fair for three days this year and I am already looking forward to going again next year.

Country singer Garth Brooks was in Canada recently and some, including Janice Reichelt, went to see him in concert. Lucky people.

Jeanie Green and her grandchildren Sommer and Rory went to Minnesota to visit her son, Dale, and his family.

Lu Besel went to Billings to take her sister, Carol Williams, to some appointments. Get well-wishes to her and all who are sick.

Marian Sanguins flew to Minnesota to visit family. Now she is back preparing for school to start here in Whitewater.

All the teachers from last year are returning to teach again this year at Whitewater School, including Gail Wilcott who I saw recently.

A big welcome to Whitewater Schools new janitor and custodian. Good luck to her. She has her husband and daughter with her. Good luck to all school staff this year.

School began here in Whitewater on August 14. When I went to school here, classes started in September, the Tuesday after Labor Day. Times change, however, and our school generally has 4-day school weeks with no school on Friday most of the year.

Mark Lageson built a big garage shop and it is looking good.

Most ranchers around Whitewater are through haying and most are done combining grain. All the crops are looking good and there is plenty of hay bales for the winter…though I hate to think of winter already.

We had thunder and lightning storms here accompanied by a good rain. Everything is very green here in Whitewater which is a nice change this late in summer.

Enjoy the late summer days and wonderful full moons.

As always,

Helen A.


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