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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring New for Septmebr 18, 2019


September 18, 2019

Our area was saddened again by the death of Marie Wasson on Thursday. Her funeral was on Monday. She lived on the North Bench Farms the whole time I was growing up! Then she and her husband moved to Malta.

David Clark and his grandson Ryan celebrated their birthdays together at the home of Kenny and Brenda Clark with a great dinner of homemade pizza and cheesy bread and birthday cake! Guests at the gathering were Grandma Janice Erfle, Tracy, Hannah, and Austin Hanley, Kyle, Barrett and Avery Wasson, Brittany, Patrick, and Marcus Anthony! Happy birthday to David and Ryan!

I drove over to Whitewater to pick Tomatoes and cucumbers in Lu Besel’s garden! Wow! She had a lot of tomatoes that were ripe! I visited with Anita Wisher, Jeanie Green while there. But even before I got far down the road I saw some hunters waving me down. It was Konoco and Mike Vance from Bozeman, who have a new dog they are training! It was great to visit with them! On my way home I stopped to visit Cherisha Morrison and Kage and Kyson. After church I took some tomatoes up to Patty and Emmitt.

I had Eastern Star on Monday evening and the Official Visitation on Thursday. Several of my friends are involved in the Grand Family this year. I'm excited for them! Yup!

Whitney Blunt stopped by on Thursday for a little group painting! The group was just her and I! But she did an awesome job!

My sunflowers are covered with gold finches every morning! And the little chattering is adorable! I hope I have enough seeds for them until it freezes!

I hope you saw the Harvest moon this week. It was very bright, especially on the clear nights! I saw that lightning struck several trees in Malta recently! Be safe and tell your loved ones you love them!


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