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Phillips County Museum News for September 25, 2019


September 25, 2019

The "Sun Prairie Ladies" and the quilt they created nearly 40 years ago for Barb (Math) Kluck) which is now at the Phillips County Museum.

The PC Museum had an invasion last week!

The Sun Prairie Ladies from 1981 blew through the doors with a beautiful quilt.

Thirty-eight years ago the community ladies gathered to say goodbye to Barb (Math) Kluck as her family was leaving the area. Each lady had made a quilt square to commemorate the area. Most of the squares are brands. Some of the ranch brands belonged to the Troy and LaRae Blunt, Ervin and Donna Crowder, Bill French and Corky French, Adam and Virginia Koss, Charles and Berniece Koss, Edwin and Doreen Koss, Johnny and Suzanne Koss, Kelly and Sandy Koss, Jerry and Carolyn Mahan, Greg and Jenny Oxarart, Vance and Joan Spencer, Ross and Dan Wiederrick.

Barb has decided to leave the quilt at the Museum as part of Phillips County history and the ladies came to reminisce and hand over the quilt. Amazing that many of these families or their descendants are still familiar names in that area today. Time changes some things but many remain the same in Phillips County.

Quilting bees were a part of life for many years on the homesteads. It was the primary contact and social event for women. It was a chance to gather, gossip, support one another, share recipes, child-rearing ideas and household remedies. Some homestead shacks had quilting frames that could be lowered from the ceiling so quilting could be done and then raised for family meals and other family activities. What a wonderful idea!

The PC Museum has some great quilts. Museum hours are 10-5 Monday through Saturday.


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