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By Mark Hebert

Plowed under, but not over, at Westside


October 2, 2019

Though most of the record-setting snow that hit portions of Montana last weekend missed Malta, the threat of blizzardy conditions were enough for the folks at Westside Self-Service to pull the plug on the End of Summer Block Party that was to feature musical guests Plowed Under.

But that didn’t stop the Westside crew from hosting their planned “Kidz Dance” celebration, moving the event from the service station's parking lot and into a nearby pole barn.

“We will hopefully have Plowed Under back next summer,” Westside Self-Service’s Bridgett Ereaux said. “We just didn’t think it was a good idea to hold the concert giving there was a snowstorm on the way.”

Westside’s Bonnie Jones spent the greater part of Saturday setting up the children’s games in the barn, strategically placing prizes around the venue, before setting out pizza, drinks, and snacks for the children who started showing up around 6 p.m.

“It’s good because I get to eat cupcakes,” said Sadie Lamoreau. “I have played a little volleyball, but I am looking forward to eating another cupcake.”

Ryder Raymond said he was having a good time, everything was going well, and added that he had just recently played some basketball with his father, Bryan Raymond.

“I won,” Ryder said. “I’ve been practicing, and he has been with me, and I finally beat him.”

“If he says so,” Bryan said of his defeat. “I don’t know if it counts if he is the only one who gets the ball, but okay."


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