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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for October 30


October 30, 2019

Autumn is here for sure, or is it winter? The high temperature has been in the sixties or fifties, with the lows in the teens and low twenties. The wind blew so hard that all the leaves blew off the cottonwood and the brown pine needles blew into the gutters on the garage! We haven't had much moisture this week. Hunting season is upon us, too. If you're hunting on a property that doesn't belong to you be sure to ask permission.

Many Loringites attended the funeral of Leroy Dyrdahl on Thursday. Larry Dyrdahl and wife Martha of Great Falls and Mike Dyrdahl of Helena drove over. Plus Sharon and Dusty Hill of Scobey spent several days with Debbie Dyrdahl and Debbie's sister Geri. The Loring Ladies served an awesome luncheon. Again, our condolences to Debbie and her family.

Bella Lawless spent Saturday with the Lumsden family catching up since she's been in college. Brenda Clark drove the field trip bus on Friday to Malta for the Whitewater elementary school

kids. They toured the Fire Dept, police department, First State Bank, and Library! Lunch was at

the Dairy Queen! What's a field trip without DQ? The whole day was very successful!

Beau Simonson and the Malta Mustangs won their game on Friday and are not the home team for the first playoff game! Good luck on Saturday!

The Maverick Volleyballers will be at districts this weekend! Good luck, Ladies! I watched on Thursday and was impressed!

Hannah Hanley ran cross country in the state races in Great Falls. She had to run in snow, winds and freezing temperatures! Good job, Hannah!

At Las Vegas, Keira Simonson was running the barrels with her steed Diesel in the INFR! Her first three times were really decent! But the fourth run Diesel tripped and fell. I felt so bad for Keira, but no one not even Diesel got hurt! Still, quite an honor to make it to the Rodeo and she reps Loring in a beautiful, talented way!

Have a great week! See if you can spot the five visible planets this week! I saw a huge herd of antelope on my way to Whitewater this week! Until next time!


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