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Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for November 6, 2019


November 6, 2019

100 years ago

November 3, 1919

Ex-servicemen of the community were at a part at the Oddfellows Hall on Armistice Day. Mrs. Nellie L. Chase and Mrs. G. L. Partridge were in charge of the program which was to include band numbers and other musical events.


October of 1919 was the coldest recorded in Montana. The average temperature was 36 degrees. Precipitation for the month was 1.25 inches.


Commercial Club members held a get-together luncheon and smoker. H. M. Kriton was toastmaster.


Miss Cora Brownell, who had been employed at the U.S. reclamation office had undergone an operation for appendicitis at a St. Paul hospital.


John Survant planned to leave the near future for South America on a business trip.


All trains from the east were delayed by heavy snowstorms in North Dakota.


R.G. Monroe was filling in at the office of the county treasurer in the absence of Dick Aldrin who was undergoing treatment for eye energy in a Minot hospital.


William Tressler had returned from a big game hunt with a seven-point buck.

75 years ago

November 9, 1944

Silver Star is awarded to Sgt. Piper

Sgt. Harold W. Piper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse R. Piper of Malta, has been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in rescuing his wounded platoon leader during an infantry attack in Italy last January 31 the War Department announced.

Sgt. Piper was reported missing in action on February, according to the citation received by his father.

The citation in part said:

“He ran forward over open terrain to a deserted Jeep while German heavy machinegun and rifle bullets struck within a yard of him, in an effort to aid his platoon leader who had been seriously wounded.

“Despite the hail of bullets which followed his movements, he drove the jeep to the officer’s side, leaped out, placed his platoon leader in the vehicle, turned around amid the flying bullets and safely removed the officer.

Ordered to duty

Agnes Kolence (Dionne) who enlisted in the Waves some time ago, has been ordered to duty with a contingent of 30 Montana girls who are to report to the Waves Training School in New Your City, N. Y., on November 16. Miss Kolence has been employed at Ed’s Food Store here for several years.

50 years ago

November 6, 1969

Senior Spooks win prizes

The winners of the costume contest held during the Halloween party at the Senior Center last Friday were LaBonna Lovejoy, Frances Hauger, M.H. Drabbles, and Mrs. Hugh Simanton.

Malta Mayor commends youth for good Halloween behavior

The young people of Malta were commended for their excellent behavior on Halloween by Mayor George Hoynes after he had made an inspection trip through the streets of Malta and failed to find even a soaped window.

Mayor Hoynes gives credit for this fine record on the historically mischief-filled night to the Malta High School student Body who hosted the Fun Night Program again for the second year following a Halloween when an unusual amount of damage was done to City and private property.

Nearly 400 attend 4-H Achievement Night Friday

“It was the biggest crowd ever,” reports Nels Boe, County Extension Agent, of last Friday night’s 4-H Achievement Night held in Malta. An estimated 400 4-H club members and leaders and their families had attended the annual affair.

There are 25 4-H clubs in Phillips County.

25 years ago

November 9, 1994

One-man garbage truck

The City of Malta took a look at a one-man garbage truck last week and will likely purchase one and the change, if made, would allow the City to cut its garbage crew from three men to one, Malta Mayor Byron Ereaux said. The estimated cost of the new truck is about $85,000.

Street Talk

Question: What do you think of guys who chew?

Cheryl Kaasa: I think they look really disgusting!

Kerry Olson: I think it’s really gross, but, if they want to do it, it’s their choice.

Cassie Hines: I don’t necessarily like the mess.

Jeri Grensten: It’s very unattractive! Pretty much disgusting.

10 years ago

November 11, 2009

Mental health office opens

A steady stream of supporters and the curious visited the newly opened health office, located in the basement of the Phillips County Hospital, Monday afternoon.

Counseling is available for both adults and children in a number of areas and money to help open the office was donated by Al and Hilda Brown who gave $20,000 to the hospital after Al’s death.


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