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By Mark Hebert

Celebrating National Rural Health Day


November 27, 2019

Mark Hebert

The Phillips County Hospital & Family Health Clinic employs 60 in Phillips County. Last week, some of that staff met for a photo to celebrate National Rural Health Day. Pictured are standing: Kayla Howard, Micaela Olson, Tiah Coil, Lori Abrahamson, Dennis Robinson, Cheyenne Score, Season Slade, Theresa Ohl, Karla Frohlich, Bonnie McMullen, Laurie Uphaus, Amelia Scaaf, Ward VanWichen, Chum Stolem, and Steph Denham. Kneel-ing: Maria Taylor, Sheila O'Brien, Laura Gouker, Maria Anderson, Kacee McNally, and Susan Bibbs

Three years ago, the Organization of State Offices of Rural Health, the member organization for each of the 50 State Offices of Rural Health leads National Rural Health Day to give recognition and shine a light on those who serve the health needs of an estimated 57 million people living in Rural America.

Last week in Malta, staff members on-hand at the Phillips County Hospital & Family Health Clinic (PCH) converged for a group photo of the staff on hand that morning to celebrate National Rural Health Day.

"Happy Rural Health Day," said PCH CEO Ward VanWichen. "What we really want to promote here today is our people, our family, and team, here at Phillips County Hospital. These are fantastic, professional, quality folks and we just like providing care and services to our patients and the community as best as we can and are able to. We also really appreciate the community's support of the Phillips County Hospital and Rural Health."

With a fulltime staff of 60 people, PCH is one of the largest employers in Phillips County (Malta Public School clocks in at 84, for comparisons) as the Phillips County Hospital Association celebrates 75 years of existence in 2019.

Some facility statistics include that PCH has an average hospital daily census of 1.5; and in 2019 alone, the facility had 987 ER visits, performed 67,528 lab test, 1,772 X-Rays, 360 CTs, saw a total of 7,229 patients visit, had another 6,120 Physical Therapy visits, has made a total of 356 Home Health visits, and has performed 170 mammograms and 14 sleep studies.

Both Mobile MRI and Outpatient Ultrasound are services now being offered at PCH (and the hospital is also looking to implement Behavioral Health Care services).

Outreach services offered at PCH include Mobile Mammography, OB/GYN, General Surgery, Podiatry, telepsychiatry, telecardiology, Telemedicine specialists, audiology, WIC; and In-house services include Physical Therapy with 1 PT and 2 PTAs, Sleep studies, Home Health, Personal Care Assistance, Home Oxygen/Durable Medical Equipment, and outpatient Ultrasound.

VanWichen said that the community needs that have been identified and that PCH is continuing to work on the need for the future. These include Assuring continued access to healthcare services, improving access to behavioral health care and resources, and to continue to promote health, wellness and disease prevention.

In 2015, PCH has been recognized by iVantage as being one of the Top 100 Community Access Hospitals in the United Statesand , was also honored that year by the National Rural Healthcare Association as being one of the Top 20 CAHs in the US. Other awards and recognitions the PCH has garnered include iVantage Top 100 CAHs in 2017 and 2019, Achievement Award for Tissue Donation 2015, 2017 and 2018, State of Montana DPHHS Pediatric Capable Recognition in 2017, and the State of Montana DPHHS Cardiac Recognition Award 2018.

"All of us here at PCH greatly appreciate and value the support of our communities of Phillips County as we work hard every day to keep healthcare healthy here in Phillips County and to truly make a difference in health care as well as to be a leader in healthcare," VanWichen concluded.


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