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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for December 4, 2019


December 4, 2019

Happy December, everyone!

Last Friday I went to Havre to pick up Cary Woodruff from the plane. He was taking some time off and spent several days at Loring. Lu Besel, Cary and I had a GPDM meeting on Sunday at Anne and Dave Boothe’s for dinner.

Carolyn Schmoeckel joined Cary and I for lunch on Monday. It was fun visiting a friend whom we hadn't seen for at least six months. She was going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving dinner!

On the way home one evening, we spotted two snowy owls! So big and beautiful Kim is sure they each picked off a couple of rodents!

Rodney, Cary and I went to Billings on Wednesday. Cary picked up a rental and went on to Bozeman. Rod went to his family and I went to stay with my sister Debbie. In the morning we were busy getting the meal ready for everybody. All of my family was in attendance except Jacob who was spending the day with his other Grandma! And most of Debbie's was there, but they all live in Billings.

The weather just opened on Friday and Saturday and it rained, snowed rained and snowed! What a mess the streets were! Luckily, I didn't need to go anywhere so I just stayed put at David's until Sunday when Rod and I drove back to Loring!

Kenny and Brenda Clark and children were guests of Dave and Cindy Clark for Thanksgiving! I'm sure everyone had a delicious dinner and way too much food!

Remember the date: December 22 will be the Sunday School program at the Loring Lutheran Church.

ELCW will be on the December 11 at Carol Lumsden's.

Belated Thank You to Leroy Simonson for the gravel in front of the Fire Hall and along that street! Your generosity is very appreciated!

The International Space Station is visible in the early evening close to 5 or 6, so if the sky is clear it’s kind of interesting seeing the speeding light traveling across the sky!

Have a great week! Remember to give your kids a Special hug tonight!


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