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By Helen Austin
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Whitewater News & Opinion for December 4, 2019


December 4, 2019

11-25. My apologies for the misprint in the recent news: Gene Brown is Janet Brown’s son; Anita is his wife.

Again, happy birthday to all November birthdays, including Eunice Simonson. There was a party at the North 40 for Eunice and family.

A late note, for Veterans Day; Salute to all veterans now in Whitewater including Fred Allery Sr., Bill Murdock, and Mark Lageson. (If I missed anyone's name please send it to me or give me a call at 674-5576. Thank you.)

Gail Young (my daughter), my daughter, and I went swimming at the Sleeping Buffalo Resort. I sat in a hot pool and it was great, as usual.

Henry Reichelt - a former Whitewater resident - went to Ethiopia! we hear that Henry got married there! details later, but congrats to Henry and the bride!

Saturday, I went to lunch at the Malta Senior Center. is it a Jane Thompson and Von Holzhey. Vaughn has been in Whitewater helping out at the Austin Ranch turn the cattle round-Up.

There was a supper and turkey bingo at Whitewater School. It was well attended, and people won turkeys and prizes.

Nancy LaBrie came and spent the night in Whitewater.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Some are planning trips soon. The Reichelts are going to Denver, to see family. Joyce (Austin) Donovan plans to go to Vegas to meet Dennis Donovan there. He is practicing for rodeo there soon.

Julie and Jeff Kohl plan to spend turkey day with the Coles.

Back in Whitewater, some folks are cooking, others are traveling semicolon Mark Lageson is planning to go Washington to visit his daughter! Drive carefully to all. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be thankful and enjoy your meal. More next week.


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