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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for January 1, 2020


January 1, 2020

12-25. A very merry Christmas to all! This week has been so busy, and the weather has been gorgeous for winter! The snow is getting packed down and very icy! I'm so careful when I have to walk outside for fear of falling.

The Whitewater staff had their Christmas party on Thursday evening at the Kenny Clark home. I was kindly invited and had a great time. Bruce Hill was challenged to a game of ping pong by Kenny and Bruce put away everyone who challenged him! I think he played 20 games and won every one of them!

I visited with Chance Love and Anjelica FourStar on Friday. Sokoya and Skye Love were also there to see Gramma Dixie.

My Sister Dee Arndt writes a Christmas poem each year. This year's is particularly cute and nostalgic!

Christmas 2019

“Where’s my flying car?” She thought, as she stared up at the date.

It seems the Jetson’s promised things are coming a bit too late.

I wanted space malls and flying cars. Rosie, the Robot doesn't live with me yet. Technology can't keep up with our dreams, And that I totally get.

So, I’ll dream of good health and just enough wealth, to keep us all safely comfortable.

I hope the New Year finds you with family and friends Gathered round your table!

I'll see you in the funnies! Blessings for your Christmas!

1-1. Happy new year to you! 2020 is bound to bring changes to our world and daily lives! I've decided I will embrace the new year and all in store for me!

Two days of heavy fog made some beautiful frosty trees and whatever was out in it! The big talking news is the power went out on Christmas Eve day for at least four hours up here in Loring! Kenny Clark got the generators hooked up at the church, so the organ and Christmas tree were working for our candle lit service! It was beautiful but annoying if you didn't have your meal cooked yet! Thank you to Big Flat linemen for giving up their own celebrations to get the electricity back on for the rest of us!

Becca and Robert Engum of Great Falls were guests of the Clarks for Christmas. Also, Janice Erfil of Billings, and Tracy Hanley were guests for dinner of the Clarks.

The Sunday School program was adorable and so well done on the 22nd! Thank you to Cindy Clark and Whitney Blunt for producing the play! The potluck afterwards was delicious, and no one went home hungry!

Saige Stordahl made the drive to Loring with Dixie Stordahl on Thursday! She’ll spend a few days with Rod and me, baking and making memories!

The sledding was awesome at the Lumsden Hills, as they reported! All their girls were home with their families and some of the in-laws. What a fun time!

I was able to visit with Rick and Mary Stordahl and Bev and Louie Haagenson while I was in Billings this trip! It was good to visit with some of Tom’s family!

On the way home from Billings we saw many Hawks on the power poles keeping a lookout for a tasty meal! Also, two bald eagles were soaring over us which was amazing!

Make a New Year’s resolution to never let a time go by without telling your loved ones how much you love them and appreciate them. I might even be able to keep this one!


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