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My knight in shinning armor


January 8, 2020

I refuse to think of myself as elderly, however a recent situation made me think otherwise.

It was eight years ago I started thinking of retiring from teaching as I was getting more second-generation students in my classroom. How could that possibly be? I had spent several decades striking fear into the hearts of students in Washington D.C., Bozeman, Mont., St Louis, mo., and then finally here to Malta.

Recently I was attempting to cross one of Malta’s many snow packed and icy streets to finish my Christmas shopping. Since I am now battling arthritis and balance problems, I do waddle across the street in small steps, toes pointed out slightly sideways, rather looking like an Antarctic Penguin awkwardly and slowly crossing the ice.

As I started to cross the street, a large black pick-up truck made a screeching halt and pulled over to the curb. The handsome driver jumped out and cheerfully yelled at me;

“Mrs. Veeeeseth! PaaLease allow me to escort you across the street!”

With a broad friendly smile my knight in shining armor gave me his arm and slowly escorted me safely to the other side without me slipping, sliding, or falling in front of God and the local folks. I had to smile when we safely arrived to the opposite curb.

I’m definitely several decades older than Dwight, my knight in shining armor, but I still am completely blond and he indeed, has the gray hair!

Rosemary S. Veseth



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