By David Veseth
PCN Construction Reporter 

Malta construction updates with David Veseth January 22, 2020


January 22, 2020

This past week, I did some vacuuming and scrubbed walls in the rental building where MOI was located during the remodel on US Highway 2 and then got to watch Mr. Sargent’s Malta High School Weight Lifting Class empty out the building and move stuff to the remodeled building on South 3rd Street East near Albertsons. I am hoping to take some of the students from that class to Dairy Queen for ice cream, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to take them all because it would be too expensive.

I have heard rumors that a grand opening for the newly remodeled MOI building will be coming up in perhaps February or March. I look forward to that.

It seems like there has been less construction going on around town because it was and is so cold. If they were to work outside for very long with these sub-degree temperatures, I am sure that frostbite would not be far behind.

If you would like me to report on any construction news around Phillips County, you are welcome to call me at my home phone number at 406-654-2533.

Have a nice week.


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