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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

I just had to check


January 22, 2020

So, I finally let the media hype get to me. Not the left vs right garbage that continues to divide us. I’m talking about the fires in Australia.

By now, if you check social media daily or even weekly, you know that the fires in Australia have been pretty bad. According to some sites, which I hope are wrong, Australia has lost nearly one billion animals in these fires.

The images were tough and even unbearable to see.

I have only talked to my former bandmates a handful of times since I moved away from them in 2011, which is weird considering I lived with them for three years and spent almost every moment with them during that time.

This was a group of missionaries trying to impact America’s youth in a positive way by playing music and sharing the Gospel. So back in 2008, I joined the group to become their seventh drummer. This group had a pretty big following in Australian circles, even winning awards in their country.

I may never know the impact of doing ministry with those guys and gals but I know I learned and experienced a lot, and I even find myself missing it. I miss it so much that I try not to think about it. It took me a while to pick up drumsticks again.

Upon seeing an image of their country burning up, I freaked out and had to try to video call our band mom. Luckily everyone that I consider family was safe and nowhere near the fires. One member even said that there was nothing to burn where they lived.

It was comforting to hear their Australian voices again and to hear that all was well.

As far as my family here in Malta, PJ had walking pneumonia, a term that I just learned about last week. Luckily thanks to the crew at the Phillips County Hospital, he is on the mend and was eventually able to go back to school. PJ loves school and even wishes there was six days of school.

Lincoln has been on and off of antibiotics for the last couple of months, so he can’t take any for a while. He caught a cough from PJ, but we were able to jump on it right away.

Cold weather is here …Y’all be safe out there.


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