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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for January 29, 2020


January 29, 2020

After several days of slight melting and thawing it turned cold again on Saturday night so when we woke up on Sunday morning, after a light rain, it was very slick and hard to walk. It was rough from the melting and easy to slip everywhere. This week is supposed to be warm again so maybe we can get rid of some more of the snow.

Gwen Ereaux fell at her home and broke her leg badly in at least three places. Get well wishes are sent to Gwen as she recuperates.

The kids played some hard-fought basketball games this week, losing to both Melstone and Scobey, on Thursday and on Saturday. All the games were close and hard fought, so congratulations are sent to the team for playing so well and losing by such a close margin.

Nellie Sherman is reported doing a little better but has a long and hard recovery ahead of her. The family has decided to keep her in Butte, and she has been moved to a rehab. Still no new address. Sorry! The bar and brewery partly owned by her son Chris, suffered a very bad fire this week, destroying the inside — it is a brick building so the outside is still standing.

Polly Solberg was in Malta helping Eva Bruckner on Friday. Terri Cole has been in Malta for several meetings.

Polly Solberg had a cake for Gloria Mortenson's birthday on Sunday, so everyone helped Gloria celebrate. Happy Birthday, Gloria and also to Dean Kienenberger and all others having a birthday this week. And anniversary congratulations to Nora and Jim Weigand!

We feel bad to read in the paper again of the deaths on the highway from slippery roads and such and all the shooting around the nation. It seems like such a waste.

We can still do everything we used to do, but not until tomorrow. It takes longer to rest than it does to get tired.

Have a good week and keep praying for the nice weather!


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