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Legal Ads for March 11, 2020


March 11, 2020


The annual meeting of Tri-County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

will be held on March 13, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at the Great Northern Hotel in Malta, MT.

If you are a policyholder with Tri-County Farmers Mutual you are eligible to attend.

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Publish March 11, 2020

The Town of Dodson, Montana intends to undertake a project located in the 100-year floodplain. The project includes installing a new ultraviolet UV disinfection Treatment system, lagoon rehabilitation and installation of a portable generator. All work will be be completed within the existing footprint of the Town’s lagoon system, located one-mile south of the Dodson Townsite, off Highway 204. The lagoon area involves approximately 13 acres of floodplain. The existing system is already located in the 100-year & 500-year floodplains and the majority of the proposed project at the treatment site will be done in the lagoon embankment. The proposed wastewater treatment system improvements will enable the treatment lagoons to continue to operate into the foreseeable design life of the system and meet the discharge regulations as a batch discharging facility. The proposed system improvements will benefit the community and environment by reducing untreated emergency discharges from the lagoons and providing temporary power to the lift station to prevent collection system backups during a power outage. The proposed improvments cannot be undertaken in any other location because relocation costs of the Town’s lagoon system to a location outside the Town, would exceed available program reources. Failure to upgrade the treatment system in this location would result in untreated emergency discharges from the lagoon threatening the viability of the Town’s wastewater system and continued impacts to the area watershed.

It is the Town’s judgement that the proposed improvements outweigh consideration of Executive Order 11988. The Town will obtain a Floodplain Permit prior to proceeding with the project during the design period. Floodplain impacts will be minimal from the proposed project, which will result in relatively simple permitting. Mitigation measures include the following: majority of the work will be performed within the existing footprint of the Town’s lagoon; the portable generator will not be stored at the lift station and will be stored outside of the 100-year and 500-year floodplains; the layout of the proposed UV disinfection equipment is within a vault buried in the lagoon embankment; system controls will be located within the vault, and no equipment will be located above grade; access to the vault will be from a hatch located at the top of the lagoon dikes, two feet above the 100-year flood elevation. Furthermore, the benefits of the proposed project will minimize adverse impacts and restore water quality of Dodson Creek, a tributary of the Milk River, by adding disinifection treatment to wastewater effluent before surface water discharging.

Other alternatives to construct outside the floodplain were considered, but not selected, due to the significant cost increases to the project. Because most of the Town is located within the floodplain, moving the lagoon would likely result in moving the facility outside of the Town of Dodson.

A more detailed description of the project and the FEMA flood maps are available for citizen review at the Dodson Town Hall, located at 212 Barrett Avenue in Dodson, Montana. Comments will be received through March 18, 2020.


Teresa A. Cole (Teri Cole)

Environmental Certifying Officer

PO Box 98

Dodson, MT 59524

(Published by Phillips County News 03/11/2020)


Notice of Call for Bids

The Malta Irrigation District will accept sealed proposals at the office of Malta Irrigation District until 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 20, 2020 for the purchase of:

One (1) 2003 John Deere Excavator Long Boom 200 CLC

One (1) 2004 Arctic Cat ATV 500 4x4

One (1) 2006 Arctic Cat ATV 500 4x4

One (1) 2010 Toyota Tacoma ½ Ton Pickup 4x4

One (1) Portable Miller AC/DC Welder Generator

These vehicles/equipment will be sold in an as-is condition. Items can be seen at Malta Irrigation District headquarters at 509 South 3rd Street East, Malta, MT. Questions, contact Russ Brookie at 654-1440. Malta Irrigation District reserves the right to refuse any or all bids. Deliver bids in person or mail to Malta Irrigation District, PO Box 1340, Malta, MT 59538. Specify on sealed envelope what item you are bidding on.

(Published by Phillips County News 03/04, 03/11, 03/18/2020)



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