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By Doris Tollefson
Essay Committee Chair 

Alpha Zeta announces essay winners in lieu of ceremony


March 25, 2020

Once again, Alpha Zeta sponsored its 29th annual creative writing contest to the students in Phillips County and Hinsdale. The topic of which students wrote was Do Manners Matter. First, second, third and honorable mention places were awarded in these categories: Kindergarten, First and Second, Third and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth, Seventh and Eighth, and High School.

There were 330 entries submitted in the contest, and they were judged by at least two judges in each category. The essays/poems were judged on content, originality, language and mechanics, and neatness. The creative writing committee is especially thankful to the judges for their time in judging the essays or poems. The members of Alpha Zeta also wish to thank all the teachers who encouraged their students to submit entries in the contest.

Unfortunately, we were unable to host the awards assembly to honor the winners in the contest, and there are no pictures of the winners this year. We are happy to announce that Josie Brown of Saco is the Grand Prize winner in the 29th annual creative writing contest.

Alpha Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a professional honor society of women educators with members in all 50 states and many countries in the world. The Society promotes professional and personal growth of its members and excellence in education. The members of Alpha Zeta chapter are from Phillips County and Hinsdale.

All the winners are below.

2020 Writing Contest Winners


1st Place: Asher John Hofer; Ms. Shaffer; East Malta Colony

2nd Place: Ivan Taylor; Mrs. Mavencamp

3rd Kacey Sunford; Saco; Mrs. Mavencamp

HM: Tessa Bruckner; Saco; Mrs. Mavencamp

Whit Ozark; Saco; Mrs. Mavencamp

Kaden Salveson; Saco; Mrs. Mavencamp

Bryten Christopherson; Saco; Mrs. Mavencamp

Grades 1 and 2

1st Place: Blazer Redlich; Malta; Mrs. Veit

2nd Place: Anderson Yeadon; Malta; Mrs. Crowder

3rd Place: Jace Tollefson; Malta; Mrs. Crowder

HM: Maddy McEwen; Malta; Mrs. Blunt

Haizyn Rutherford; Hinsdale; Mrs. Remmich

Landry Bowman; Hinsdale; Mrs. Remmich

Braun Sims; Malta; Mrs. Blunt

Sadie Lamoureau; Malta; Mrs. Blunt or Mrs. Crowder

Grades 3 and 4

1st Place: Jayda Wyse; Malta; Mrs. McFaden

2nd Place: Titus Wiederrick;Malta; Mrs. Moore

3rd Place: Herbert Parker; Whitewater; Mrs. Perdue

HM: Hadley Hammond; Malta; Mrs. Moore

Gabe Oshio; Malta; Mrs. Moore

Klohie Zeiger; Malta; Mrs. McFadden

Kade Bleth; Malta; Mrs. Moore

Dax Math; Malta; Mrs. Moore

Kayla Ottinger; Malta; Mrs. McFadden

Ellis Carhahan; Malta; Mrs. Raymond

Samuel Simonson; Whitewater; Mrs. Wilcott

Royce Strobbe; Saco; Mrs. Brown

Shelby Shellman, Malta; Mrs. Moore

Gracie Wasson; Whitewater; Mrs. Wilcott

Kimber Kovach; Malta; Mrs. Raymond

Grades 5 and 6

1st Place: Emerson Downing; Saco; Mrs. Downing

2nd Place: Kodi Kae McColly; Hinsdale; Mrs. Mogan

3rd Place: Linden Holt; Hinsdale; Mrs. Mogan

HM: Emma Ereaux; Malta; Mrs, Buechler

Kendall Clausen; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Violet Kenton; Hinsdale; Mrs. Mogan

Danny Smith Pankratz; Malta; Mrs. Carney

Renzey Raymond; Malta; Mrs. Buechler

Lylith Bear; Hinsdale; Mrs. Mogan

Sadie Branham; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Lola Snell; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Layla Messerly; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

BaiLee McColly; Hinsdale; Mrs. Mogan

Carson Sautter; Malta; Mrs. Carney

Grades 7 and 8

1st Place: Zora Holt; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

2nd Place: Kyle Darrington; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

3rd Place: Carter Pippin, Saco; Mrs. Downing

HM: Hunter Stolem; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Jonathon Wegner; Malta; Mrs. Clasuen

David Schaldack; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Mason Simanton; Malta; Mrs. Clausen

Sandra Sones; Saco; Mrs. Downing

Marshall Caves; Saco; Mrs. Downing

Nathan Salveson; Saco; Mrs. Downing

Kade Strommen; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

Berkley Hillman; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

Walker Albus; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

Grades 9-12

1st Place: Ashton Smith; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

2nd Place: Danika Soper; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

3rd Place: Bella Gehrke; Saco; Mrs. Downing

HM: Cienna Strommen; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

Mattea McColly; Hinsdale; Mrs. Sundby

Overall Winner Josie Brown; Saco; Mrs, Downing.


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