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PC Health Department asks residents to 'Stay Home, Stay Safe & Save Lives'


The Phillips County Health Department is asking residents to Stay Home, Stay Safe & Save Lives. "As people return from spring break, Montanans who have been traveling internationally should take the proactive step to self-quarantine for 14 days to avoid spreading the virus in their community," Gov. Bullock said. "Prevention is our best tool for combatting COVID-19. The ability to slow new infections is in our hands and our friends and neighbors are counting on us to do the right thing."

The Phillips County Health Department in a press release stressed the difference between "Self-Isolate" and "Self-Quarantine" as "there is a huge difference." Our citizens should understand the difference between self-isolation and self-quarantine, stressing that those who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus during recent travel strictly follow the self-quarantine following a travel advisory by Montana Governor Steve Bullock.

*Self-Isolate - Stay at Home Order "Shelter in Place"- This is a statewide directive to not leave your home unless absolutely necessary for work or essentials, to help slow the curve and spread of COVID-19.

*Self-Quarantine- This is a mandated measure, for people who may have been exposed or potentially exposed to stay home for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. Please do not go to the grocery store, gas station or grab a quick pizza, stay at home, it's your duty and responsibility to follow this order.

As of Monday, April 6, a total of 6,789 tests for the COVID-19 virus have been given in the state of Montana with one positive test result in Roosevelt, Hill, and Musselshell counties and 40 positive test results in Yellowstone County. Gal-latin County’s 116 positive test is the most in the Treasure State and Flathead County is second with 26. There has been a total of 15 tests done in Phillips County as of April 2 and all have been negative.

Also, as of April 4, there have been a total of 24 hospitalizations in Montana and six deaths (the total number of deaths in the United States topped 10,000 on Monday.)

The Phillips County Health Department has comprised a "Do and Don't" list to follow during isolation:

DO go on a hike, play outside, call/video chat with friends and family, find an online book club, practice physical activity at home, get caught up on your to-do list around the house, family game night, clean out a closet, read a good book or go for a drive, a press release from the health department urges.

DO NOT have playdates, go to neighbors to hang out, host dinner parties, go to the grocery store at peak hours for unnecessary items, enter busy businesses or places, hang out at gathering places, go to athletic events or go on unnecessary trips.

You must Self-Quarantine, if you have been notified that you've been in direct contact if you have traveled from out of state or country (non-work related) or if you are showing signs of COVID-19, the Health Department said.

"Please, remember you are not alone, we will rise above this together" the press release states.

A COVID-19 virus timeline in Montana

*Gov. Bullock declared an emergency on March 12

*First four Presumptive positive cases in MT March 13

*Gov. Bullock mandated school closure & Social distancing on March 16th

*Phillips County declared a state of emergency March 19th

*Gov. Bullock closed sit down bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos, health clubs, theatres, etc. on March 20

*Phillips County commissioners closed County buildings to traffic March 20

*Gov. Bullock extends closures on March 24th through April 10th

*Hill County reports 1st case of COVID-19 on March 25th

*Gov. Bullock issues "Shelter in Place" on March 26th beginning March 28th

*Phillips County issues travel isolation advisory on March 26th

Gov. Bullock issues a directive that travelers arriving from another state or country to self-Quarantine for 14 days on March 30.

For up to date information follow the Phillips County Health Department on Facebook, at


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