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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News & Opinion for April 15, 2020


April 15, 2020

Sympathy to the Loring Colony on the loss of Paul Hofer. Some family and friends from Canada were unable to attend his services because of the COVID-19 virus. The Colony cooks had prepared for Canadian family and friends to be in attendance at Paul’s services, so they had plenty of leftovers.

Hello to Mr. Everett Marks of Saco. He is 94-years-old and still at his ranch in Saco. Gale Young, my daughter, is one of his CNA caretakers. A salute to her and all medical workers. Mr. Marks says, “I am going to live to be 100.” I sure hope he does.

Here in Whitewater, as in the rest of Montana, ranchers are calving and the weather is somewhat nice with little snow and warming.

Last year, in 2019, we in Whitewater and most of the county had 20 or 30 below temperatures all of Feb. Many ranchers were calving in that and some calves were lost. Probably that is why ranchers, including at the Austin Ranch, are calving later in 2020Good luck to them all.

Note: If anyone has news, call me at 406-674-5576 and let it ring. I can’t go out much now so I will answer eventually.

The North 40 Café is serving take-out meals only and that is true for our Senior Meals on Wednesdays.

Whitewater Lutheran Church is not holding services for now. Students here, like in most places, are studying from home. Good luck to all of them.

Back to “A Miracle on Whitewater Creek, 1950!” There was so much snow and ice. A chinook wind was so strong that it melted snow and ice fast. It then flooded, which caused the rickety little bridge to collapse and break into two pieces. Wow. My sister Janet and friends had come to Malta and coming home to Whitewater at dusk were unable to see that the bridge had disappeared. My mom was terrified. She said:

“We have to stop them, or they will drown.”

We spread the word and the entire population of Whitewater gathered on the south side of the bridge. We shouted, “go back, the bridge is gone!” We waved and prayed, and some men shot guns as a warning to them.

Finally, the car came slowed down and they got out because they understood why we were all there. They turned to go back…a real Miracle.

Thank God.

Helen A.


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