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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Weighing my options


April 15, 2020

It took a crisis for us to consider “cutting the cord.”

A couple of years ago I was excited about getting cable television because I wanted to watch live sports again. I’m a Chicagoan and have spent most of my life watching Bulls, Bears, and White Sox games. I even watched quite a bit of hockey when the Blackhawks were under former Head Coach Joel Quenneville.

I enjoy sports on every level, so watching the local sports teams has kept my mind occupied, but I had missed my Chicago sports teams. So, that was a part of the reason we got cable. It has been a fun ride.

Lately, we have been watching more films and shows from streaming services and it has been keeping the whole family entertained. That coupled with the facts that Chicago teams have become torturous to watch, has had me thinking… Should we cut the cord? Could I maybe invest in better things? I have been doing great in paying off loans. Should I perhaps take what I am paying for cable and possibly pay off more student loan debt? It is quite a conundrum.

The Bibbs family is doing good considering we have to split time at our jobs to watch our kids. It has been a different world for us lately and I understand it but wish to see things back to normal. I find myself wishing that covering track and golf were on my agenda. I love seeing our athletes compete, but at the same time, there is nothing anyone can do.

The virus stuff has been a bummer at times, but I wouldn’t want anyone to be sick because of me. Social distancing sounds cheesy but it seems as though it is working for now. It has also been nice to spend more time with Susan and the boys.

Everyone, please take care out there and with any luck, we can dodge COVID-19. Be encouraged and try to make the most of it.


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