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A PCN reader's thoughts on COVID-19 protections


April 22, 2020

Phillips County Patrons near and far:

As a Doctoral ABD in the field of Adult Education, I have encouraged prevention-first thinking inside the adult population. With that mindset, I have been very pleased to see local disinfectant sprays and wipes restocked and gone from the stores’ shelves. Additionally, holding a Master of Healthcare Administration degree, I have believed the growth of COVID-19 could be minimized using only personal disinfectant sprays and face masks covering nose and mouth. Being a realist, I have planned upon returning to a full day’s paying employment shift only with my personal disinfectant spray, nose-mouth mask, and safety eye goggles to have been being used as prevention against COVID-19 virus.

As an outside Doctoral ABD from the established Task Force, I have presumed COVID-19 has housed itself in areas of more traffic congestion and humidity from larger bodies of water. Even as we live outside areas with those characteristics, Eastern Montanans have needed to keep cautious. (Human beings work and circulate money alike to the Red-Bottom Bee who thrives from pollen of flowers). As my PCN entry has indicated below, following set guidelines has been a must.

A realist, in my context, has been someone who properly adjusted to fit certain circumstances and still should have got to the desired result. If I have disinfectant spray at my work, my eye injury potential has needed to override my nose-mouth cover to prevent COVID-19, too. For an ordinary full day’s paying employment shift, I have planned to wear my safety eye goggles in the completion of specific sanitation tasks.

Having an initial personnel behaviors knowhow from accomplishment of a Bachelor degree, I have known workers have needed to get to their paying employment positions. Returning to those paying employment positions has been one of the desired results in the battle to prevent growth of COVID-19 pandemic. All USA citizens should want to get back to regular, i.e. ordinary, shift paying employment positions. We, as USA workers, could initially when returning to work among other adults, label spots 6 feet apart and reduce the distance between spots upon guidance.

All USA workers could bring personal disinfectant sprays when they have planned on spraying at approximately 24 inches away from a working campus surface. (I often spray within a 12 inches distance away from my personal property). Dependent on the working campus, workers should have planned mandatory nose-mouth cover or safety eye goggles to complete an ordinary full shift’s work. Plus, movement could be safely directed toward producing a disinfectant spray which could be sprayed from a large tub alike to the Phillips County’s bug elimination sprayer.

That bug elimination sprayer pick-up truck, as I have recollected from seeing it, has looked like it has required one human worker, or two. It has been, as I recollect, spraying bug eliminator from the back of a pick-up truck onto the streets of Malta, it looks like, in hot or warm weather. If a safe street spray of disinfectant spray content has begun to spray the streets of Phillips County, then I have predicted little more should have to be changed in our ways of life among COVID-19 pandemic. (The Major’s office could research and welcome mention from Phillips County citizens of possible established safe disinfectant spray distributors). This safe street disinfectant sprayer should be included in the annual activities of Phillips County from onset of the USA national COVID-19 pandemic and on, possibly to forever, as an essential activity.

If the COVID-19 virus has been air-born, meaning from particles in the air we all breath, and no treatment or vaccination has been found, then maybe we should treat our skin. A fresh approach to winning the battle against COVID-19 growth might be in an ointment or lotion which contains anti-bacterial. Let us all, as Phillips County advocates, have drive to set an example for the rest of the state, nation and world. If we have been getting street disinfectant sprays active in Phillips County while mandatory taking disinfectant spray to work for use, then the COVID-19 virus has had small potential to grow. Phillips County workers, alike to the state, nation and world workers, should be able to complete a full day’s paying shift work among disinfectant spray and proper body covering of nose-mouth or eyes.


Katie L. McKeon,


’17 ABD, EdD

’13 MHA, ’03 BBA

Personal disinfectant spray standard motto, as suggestion:

“Spray an arm’s length distance away”


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