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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for April 29, 2020


April 29, 2020

International Dark-Sky Week was a success out at Loring, even though the skies were cloudy for all but three days. I watched several Youtube videos about light pollution and then I watched

The Earth at Night on Netflix! And then on Saturday, it was world Penguin Day! Everyone knows how I like Penguins!

I guess this last week was educational and broaden my horizons type of week because I also watched the Centrum round table of paleontologists sponsored by the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum!

The Loring Lutheran Church is going to reopen on Sunday, May 3! The service will be at 9 a.m. with coffee to follow! Come, praise the Lord with us!

I'm not sure if I'll be out and about much now that the state is opening up on phase 1. I have adjusted to staying home, not saying I'll stay home for much longer. Wash hands, social distance, etc.

Several of our residents from Loring participated in the COVID19 cruise the drag on Friday! Earth Day was observed all around Loring by picking up trash. The Lumsdens/Blunts worked at cleaning up around the dump. The Clarks straightened up around Loring town and at least one family cleaned ditches by their house. Thank you, Heather and Beau Simonson!

Charles and Tina Russell took a drive to visit Janet Johnston at the HLRC. It was through the window to observe social distancing, but they had a nice visit.

Many thanks to Jason Morrison for moving a huge rock for me! That was a heavy load!

I did make a trip to a special area where I pick my yellow bells. Not many yellow bells this year, maybe I missed most of them. Crocuses were plentiful! And as I was picking I could hear a hawk calling his eerie sound.

Listen to the sounds of nature while you are out and about!


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