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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Studio Stiles' gym reopens doors


Tia Stiles stands in front of the Studio Stiles' Total Fitness Gym, days before it's reopening. Photo by Pierre Bibbs.

Last Friday, May 15, Studio Stiles and Total Fitness reopened the workout facility to its clients for the first time since gyms were announced closed in March due to the COVID-19 virus.

The closing of gyms and other public venues was in line with Montana Governor Steve Bullock's stay at home orders due to the virus.

"I am happy that it's reopening," Tia Stiles said. "I think that everyone is happy to get back into their normal routines and fitness is extremely important."

Stiles said that fitness helps give people something to look forward to and that the benefit of being able to work out is good for a person's mental state of mind.

Prior to and during the closure, Stiles and her clients worked out hard and their photos and videos can be seen on social media.

"We have done a lot of challenges and classes, but I am not opening up classes just to keep numbers low for now," Stiles said.

She is hopeful that her indoor classes can resume in the fall. Until then, she plans to keep clients and patrons in a safe environment during this time, limiting capacity to 10 or less. Stiles does plan on hosting summer classes out at the park, where those participating can do so at a safe distance. Stiles has also been planning on setting up a Spartan style obstacle course for the summer, though she is still working out the details.

"In Malta, we all love competition and we haven't had the chance to do anything competitive in quite a while," Stiles said.

Prior to reopening and even currently Stiles is still running virtual classes so that her members can stay in shape if they aren't ready to go back into the gym.

"It has been really awesome because it has been growing every day," Stiles said.

Hosting the online classes has helped the small business stay open but it has also given Studio Stiles and Total Fitness a chance to reach a broader audience during the COVID-19 crisis.

Those who are members at Stiles Total Fitness receive 24-hour access to the workout facility, and it includes free tanning sessions, a perk that many utilize just as much as the gym.

The Stiles total Fitness facility has produced a fellowship of different age groups and has built bonds.

"The challenges that we have run through the gym, have brought many together throughout the community that had never crossed paths before," Stiles said. "I have met a lot of different people and they have a different place in my life now."

For more information about Studio Stiles and Total Fitness, including membership, call Tia at 406-654-2136.


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