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A Letter to COVID

A Poem to the Senior Class of 2020


If I could write a letter To Covid-19

And explain how I’m feeling, Here is how it’d read:

Dear Covid-19, Why are you here? No offense to you,

But I wish you’d disappear.

All you bring is worry, Along with pain and stress.

Don’t do you know the world was already Becoming a great big mess?

You took away my senior year, Which is a hard pill to swallow. Missing out on my “lasts”, And here’s a list to follow.

I missed my senior prom,

the chance to dance with all my friends, my bus trips got cut short,

this is not how this should end.

I think the class of 2020

will forever hold the record

for the exhilarating “senior skip day” although this is not how it was pictured.

We’ll miss our all-night party, the final “hoorah” for all

and teasing the underclassmen for still having to go to school.

Our senior night recognition, could sadly not be held

my whole family cannot watch me graduate and congratulation hugs must be withheld.

I’ve complained about school plenty, ready for it to end,

but getting it ripped away like this is hard to apprehend.

Of course, I knew it was coming, the end of my senior year

but I thought I had a few more months just to be told the finish was near

Lunch in the cafeteria,

with the kids we’ve known since birth coffee and donut runs in the morning have never more express their worth

Seeing all my teachers Smiling in the hall

and going around to get my check out slip kindly signed by all

Now that’s enough about my senior year but there still more turf to cover

such as the fact that all society cannot go near each other

Smiles must become the new hugs

when you pass an old friend on the street and it’s way too hard for distant families to find a way to meet.

Peoples social skills

are beginning to decline

while depression and abusive rates are shooting rocket high.

Dear Covid-19,

We all just want you gone.

So please just get up and walk away, the world wants to move on.

I know that there’s a reason for everything that occurs but I’m just curious, COVID, could you tell me yours?

Macy Williamson


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