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By Mark Hebert

Use it or lose it


When the rubber hits the road is when winners are eventfully crowned and couple that with the adage of "use it or lose it" states, it's time to head to the Villa Theatre in Malta and buy some tickets because it could possibly be now, or never.

Since Greg and Jan Kirkwood have taken a stronger interest in the storied movie-house (and eventually bought it) the work that has gone on over there to make the accommodations as pleasing as possible is kind of incredible. There were a lot of complaints about the Villa before this — and let us not forget that it was closed altogether for a time not so long ago — which included the bathrooms, seating, and concession stand. All those things have been updated and now, the new Villa Theatre marquee is the brightest thing on Central Ave, a crown jewel of our strip, in my opinion, so I am making a plea to the people of Phillips County...Go to the movies, practice social distancing while there, buy popcorn and soda (even some candy, go nuts!) And support this local business, under new management, who have gone out of their way to improve a Phillips County landmark knowing full-well they will never get rich owning the theatre but have to at least come close to breaking even to keep the business going.

Right now, due to all the COVID-19, the movie choices will vary, but the concessions are always fresh and the staff always friendly. The rubber has hit the's time to use it or lose it.


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