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Loring News for July 1, 2020


5.27. The birds coming through my yard included a red-breasted nuthatch and a redpoll! Of course, the robins, gold finches, brown thrashers, flycatchers, and other little songbirds are plentiful! I really enjoy watching my trees for birds.

Janni and Aiden Wiese made a trip out to Loring to visit with Steven Johannesen on Tuesday and stopped here to see Trey Simanton, who was doing some new flooring for me. The baby Skylan is growing fast!

David, Brandie, and Rocco Stordahl of Billings, and Jake Wilcox of Craig, WY, drove up on Friday to spend the Memorial Day weekend with me. Jeannie Schroeder, Saige, and Zoey Stordahl and Brentton and Abby Stordahl of Billings visited Rod and Grandma Dixie.

On Sunday Brad Cruthers installed the memorial plaque for Tom. Then David's family went fishing and to the Sleeping Buffalo. Rod’s family and I went to Turner's cemetery to visit the grandparents' graves and do out traditional kite flying. We got all the kites up, the bubbles blown and the flowers distributed. Saige and I drove to the old home place to pick some shooting stars and on the way back caught a few pictures at Chapman of some yellow-headed blackbirds, and American avocets!

The calves from many ranches were branded this weekend! They will soon be out on the summer range!

Cindy and Dave Clark spent a few days on a well-deserved break.

Congratulations to Emmitt Boschee and Patty Pollock on the birth of their son, Byron James Boschee, born on Saturday, 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 20.5 inches long.

Congrats to Carol Lumsden on her retirement! She has been teaching for 32 years! She’s retiring, but still active! Madame Lumsden left her mark on many Whitewater Penguins! Most can speak a little French and bake all kinds of bread, desserts, and meals, sew quilts, PJ pants, aprons, and many other items. They also learned checking and to balance, room design, child care, child development!

Until next time, be safe!

6-3. We at Loring are proud of how our town looks! Dave Clark does a fantastic job of keeping our park, hall and most of the town mowed and neatly trimmed. We welcome people who want to use the park, ball court, or any other facility free of charge. This week some of the playground equipment was broken and trash was left lying around the ball court. And a big line of paint was on the basketball court. People, please teach your children to respect others' property. If this little bit of vandalism doesn't get action, then who knows what else could happen next!

Whitney Blunt had a rosy breasted grosbeak at her feeder this week! It was sort of sassy! I've started working more in Malta at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum getting it ready for opening! And we are open on June 1! Jillian O’Brien is joining us this year.

Get well wishes to Debbie Dyrdahl! I haven't been in to see her and I'm sorry! Stay safe!


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