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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Kindergarten Pops


I experienced the new age of learning through a Zoom Conference call on PJ’s lask week of school and he nearly missed it due to my lack of tech-savvy.

Susan tasked me with making sure that PJ could see his classmates via Zoom for the last time of the year the other day. Ultimately, I did get things set up, but it was rocky.

First was getting the application to work. I don’t understand Apple products, so when I attempted to set things up on my mother-in-law’s iPhone, it did not pan out. I then set things up on my Samsung. Things were looking great until the teleconference began and I couldn’t figure out how to get the audio to work.

So, awkwardly I tried to fix things while the whole class looked and I could assume they were wondering what PJ was saying. PJ was excited to see his friends that he went from seeing daily to not seeing at all. He reacted each time he could see a new classmate but there was no audio, only smiles. After trying several different things and restarting the application, we finally had audio.

The kids went shared their show and tell items and it was pretty cool to see. I finally had a chance to see my kindergarten son in action. I have often wondered about what type of student he was. I am proud to say that he passed every class and is on his way to being a first-grade student! Based on the Zoom call, PJ was very attentive and raised his hand every time he was allowed to.

I am thankful that I was allowed to help PJ see his classmates but it makes me sad that I only experienced it one time. I will hold on to the memory.

My two-year-old son Lincoln has been full of owies lately. It seems like every other day, he takes a spill of some sort. The good news is he is okay. He has been learning as well. Since he has spent so much time with his mom, dad, and big brother, Lincoln’s vocabulary has been developing right along with social skills.

Bruce, our cocker spaniel got a haircut a week or so ago. He looks good thanks to the local county vet. He is a bit of a nervous pup, so he needs special attention. PJ and Lincoln enjoy seeing “Baby Brucey.”


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