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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Back on the Keto track


The fun is over.

My wife Susan and I left the Keto Diet a month ago, well I hate to say it but, we are currently back on the diet once again.

About a month ago we finally came to a realization that the diet was hard to stay on. In the first nine months or so, we would only have a monthly cheat day. Things were going great. We were both down 70 pounds and then we started to ease up a little bit. A once a month cheat meal became a once a week cheat. And in April we realized that we were cheating up to twice a week.

So, in May we decided to call it quits and we tried to eat carbs but reasonably.

What did I eat during that time we were off of the diet? Everything, but within moderation most times. I also splurged a little, eating fun-sized Snickers, Oreos, and Spicy Nacho Doritos. During the time we were off Keto, we had family get-togethers three times and I enjoyed every carb my heart desired. We are at various places in Malta and in Havre. Things were good.

It seemed to be going good at first, but we hit a wall quick! We noticed that we had less energy after a while. We both had separate symptoms appear. My biggest symptom was lactose-intolerance. Whenever I ate anything with dairy, I get bloated and um, well, use your imagination. I would also struggle to not feel tired after eating, so I would typically try to wait until lunch to eat. The problem is there would be times that I would not eat until 3 p.m. Susan experienced pain in her joints as well as tiredness.

The most telling sign was the feeling of heaviness. So, back to Keto, we go.

Day one, I felt better. The bag of Cheetos I see in front of me doesn’t even sound tempting or delicious. I think I can do this again and if it makes my wife feel better, then I will join the good fight with her once again. And to think, I didn’t even get a chance to eat Taco Bell. I did however have some pretty good homemade tacos.

By the first night, I was craving nachos. Food commercials are once again excruciating to watch. Going back to the Keto Diet might be a bumpy ride but I am looking forward to the challenge.


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