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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for June 17, 2020


We had one day of summer this week. The temps were in the ’90s as were the wind speeds! No, I jest. The wind was only 70 mph! Plenty hot and sucking the moisture right out of the ground!

Last week I told you about the flycatcher nest in the rafters over my deck. The nest was on the ground again this week after the strong winds all night. I'm not sure if she'll rebuild at this date or not.

Thank you to the kind souls who helped move the dirt to the churchyard to landscape! You are definitely one who hears the call!

We will have church on the 28 this month but not on the 21.

The grass in the pastures is so tall and Green! It is difficult to see the gophers! But I'd rather have lush pastures!

Speaking of gophers, one of the important life lessons I learned is it's important to know where the barrel is pointing, not just what you can see through the scope!

Carol Lumsden hosted Bible study this week. Six ladies attended. It is exciting to be able to gather in small groups again.

Remember to be kind to each other! There is so much strife in the world now that if we are all kind, it can be overcome!


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