Loring News for June 24, 2020


Happy summer! The longest amount of daylight was on Saturday with the first full day of summer on Sunday! Both days the sunrises and sunsets were awesome! Just enough clouds to give us an interesting scene.

I hope that all the fathers had a great day, fishing, boating, or just relaxing!

Our community picnic was held in the Loring Hall since it was wet on the picnic ground. We had a nice crowd.

Lu Besel came over to paint at Dixie Stordahl's. The master bedroom and bathroom are getting a spiffing up!

Oh, the flycatcher rebuilt for a third time and is now sitting on the nest. I do hope she hatches some babies this time! I've seen a doe come through my yard several evenings this week, stopping at the bird bath for a bit of a drink. And the next morning I noticed that my flowers were not blooming anymore. All were nipped off! This evening I saw a fox sneaking through the taller grass. I hope he’s getting some of the gophers that I miss. I've heard that the mosquitoes were bad in Malta, but they don't seem too bad out here.

I visited with Marlyn Orahood the other day! She is having quite a nice garden and lots of flowers.

Be safe, my friends! So far our county still has no coronavirus cases that have tested positive! I'm so thankful and we need to continue our careful following of the protocol.


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