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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News & Opinion for June 24, 2020


The Triangle Telephone company is updating the lines. Good work.

Get well to all who are sick.

The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hoff, were here from Bozeman. Ms. Hoff is my granddaughter, Challise, formerly Young. It was good to see them and get acquainted with Tim. We had a small family dinner and it was hosted by Janice and Curt Reichelt. It was very nice.

On Monday, Jeannie Green and myself went to Billings to visit my sister Janet Brown (Jeannie’s aunt.) We also visited with Carol Remington and Glen Brown who were raised in Whitewater. A nice time.

We did not shop as much in Billings as people are still very much aware of the C 19 virus. Many people were wearing masks and social distancing.

We enjoyed the drive to and from Billings also. The Clover is blooming, making a sea of yellow in many places. Beautiful!

Back in Whitewater gardens are growing great. Vegetables should all be ready for the Phillips County Fair! We have heard that the fair is still planned, however, the night show concert was canceled due to the C19 virus. They are trying to find other performers and we hope they will as we enjoy the show at the fair.

Good news, the Sleeping Buffalo pools are open again for regular hours after being closed for the C 19 virus. Let's hope that is over for good.

The wind has been blowing every day here in Whitewater and we had rain the other night and the grass is nice and green.

Enjoy spring.

Helen A.


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