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By Kari Hould
PCN Correspondent 

Queen for a day - the Covid way


August 19, 2020

Myrtle Hould recently celebrated her 97th birthday.

Friday the 14th of August was a special day for lifetime resident, Myrtle Hould. Amid the mandates and masks and fears running rampant, she celebrated her 97th birthday uniquely and wonderfully.

Following a conversation with her granddaughter, Sarah Hould, who resides in Red Rock, AZ plans fell into place to make this birthday one Myrtle didn't even know was on her "Bucket List" yet still managed to capture for a memory. Sarah was discussing "Smores" and grandma Hould had never heard of therefore had never tasted them and was wanting to. When the covid19 restrictions came into stronger force, Sarah had to change her plans to come to celebrate the birthday and share S'mores. Then, sister, Janine Tuss, and the Tuss Trio decided to finish the plan Sarah had come up with.

Bedazzled in her elegant and festive colored outfit which she stated she got up early to be ready for the day - she added her bling of jewelry and started the first day of her 97th day of gracing the earth with visits from friends and family and goodies and floral arrangements that left her breathless (temporarily, fortunately, and no EMT was called). Myrtle was blessed with many phone calls throughout the day as well, though she did not even make mention if she'd received any calls about extending her warranty....though surely she would have enjoyed playing with the caller's mind!

Myrtle was the Queen for the Day - the CoVid19 way and the Tuss Tribe along with Kaden Bishop and Kari Hould, one of the three daughters-in-law Myrtle has, brought a BBQ to the driveway while all were masked and practicing social distancing. After a round of hot dogs, the Smores were made and the evening was topped off with chocolate cake, a gift from her longtime friend, Myrna Williamson. The day was also the birthday of Kari's mother, Fern Green, who passed away in 1979.

And a magical day and evening went down as the soft winds slowed down and the twilight began to fall and just as one of the ladies on "The Golden Girls" - she bid them all good evening and went to bed with a smile that will last longer than the soft marshmallow that slid down her chin.

During the day Myrtle was able to visit with her sister, Lenora Paulson, in Great Falls. The two are the last of the ten children born to Sam and Hannah Ramberg, whose life story started in the small community in northern Phillips County, (Lorang) which is known as Loring. Myrtle and Denver Hould were married in 1943 and had four children, a daughter Beverly Comstock lives in Billings, and a son, Byron, lives in Miles City. Denver and the two sons, Butch (Harold) and Sid have passed away.

Think back on 97 years and imagine the changes she has witnessed: the 32nd President was in office, Prohibition was repealed, WWII was going on, the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and on Aug. 14 Japan surrendered unconditionally. These were the times when the Korean War and VietNam Conflict were in our lives, and Alaska and Hawaii became the US States. Lt. Col. John Glenn would orbit the earth and in later years Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr. landed on the moon. Days in history would mark the appointment of the first woman to the Supreme Court and moments in time stood still with the explosion of the "Challenger" and the Twin Towers. Those of this age have seen much and probably have things they would like to forget as well.

This generation was here for the invention of the parking meter, the fluorescent light bulb, soft-serve ice cream, the yield sign, and so many more things that you can't even imagine.

Although she has seen some years and she put the miles on the tires, Myrtle is fortunate to have never had to change a flat tire in her life. (yeah, one lucky woman!) Her favorites include her grandchildren (13) great-grandchildren, 45 at last count (and all the "great" ones happen to have been born to her grandchildren, of course), and four great-great-grandchildren. She's been a homemaker her entire life and is an accomplished baker/maker and pickle maker. She is known for her bread, cinnamon rolls, garden, and flowers. She was indeed Queen for the Day - the COVID Way. Just a reminder...use each day to the fullest and continue to reach new goals, learn something new, and share a smile with someone who isn't wearing one. Make as many memories as you can along the path and journey of life.


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