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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Whitesox not disappointing for a change


September 2, 2020

As many that follow Major League Baseball know, there are only 60 regular-season games in 2020 due to the threat of COVID-19.

I am a White Sox fan. And last week was a great week for the team. As of Monday, August 31, the White Sox were in first place in the AL Central. On Tuesday, August 25, Lucas Giolito had thrown one of the greatest no-hit games in MLB history. And on Sunday, August 30, rookie Luis Robert hit a walk-off three-run homer, which put the Sox in first place.

I haven’t had a chance to watch many games this year, but from the games I have seen, the team has been hitting as well as radio shows have been saying. In addition to a decent offense, the pitching and defense seem better.

As for the atmosphere of the stadium. Things were weird. It is different not seeing thousands of real faces in the crowd. And the fake crowd noise is another weird thing to witness. That being said, it seems that the MLB has created a safe atmosphere of the players and I applaud them for trying to protect our country from this potentially life-threatening virus.

I know it’s not the popular thing to say, but I applaud anyone who has been selfless this whole viral threat. It is annoying to put a mask on your face. No one likes to be told what to do, especially by a governor that doesn’t wear the same political brand. But it takes a humble mind and heart to try to protect your family and neighbors.

Our cases went down below four this past week, which I say is an incredible bounce back, considering we have a total over 100 confirmed cases in August. Phillips County (most of us) buckled down and because of that, the mask mandate has been lifted in most places around the county.

I went off a little bit but I am happy to see the way that the White Sox are going and hope to see them in the postseason.

I am also happy that sports teams around the county will be able to compete. Please be smart, safe, and have courtesy. With any luck, we will be able to crank out a regular and postseason in football and volleyball.


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