By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

It's not about the snow


October 28, 2020

On Monday morning, It just sat in my car for ten minutes.

I had started my car 15 minutes before I starting my first snow of winter sulk.

It’s not even that I hate the snow or winter. I honestly enjoy having the break from doing yard work and swatting at mosquitoes and wasps. I enjoy smoking meat in subzero temperatures, mostly because it is quiet outside.

I enjoy watching large snowflakes fall. I enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider during the cold days. Sometimes, I even enjoy a nice Christmas flick or two.

To me, I try not to think about how long winter can be on the Hi-Line. Today; Monday, October 19, is our first legit snow of the year. And when will it end? Will we have green days in November, or will this be the start of a long winter?

I know what people will say….. “I remember seeing snow in May in some years!” Yes, I admit snow in May sounds crazy, but at least we would have more summer days to look forward to.

I promise that I will try to be as proactive about the winter of 2020-21 as I was about the last two winters, but man oh man, I have a feeling that this will be a beastly season.

I think that with COVID-19, things may be harder. I am hoping everyone can stay healthy physically and mentally. Winters like this are a journey, but we keep pressing on.

A few weeks ago my poor boys were under the weather, but only with common cold and sore throat stuff. I may share what is was like trying to take care of my youngest son in a week or so.

PJ, my oldest son, has been doing well in first grade. I have really enjoyed hearing him sound out words. He is getting smarter daily and retaining so much that I fear he will be better at math than I am soon!


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