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By Krista Fahlgren
PCN Editor 

Miramon makes initial appearance, remains incarcerated


November 4, 2020

Ernest Miramon Jr. appeared before Judge Yvonne Laird on Tuesday, October 27th via closed-circuit television and entered a plea of not guilty to two (2) counts of Sexual Assault, a Felony, Inflicts Bodily Injury or Victim is Less than 16, offender, is 3 Years Older. Judge Laird explained that each charge carries a punishment of between 4 years and life in prison, to run consecutively. The defendant may also be held responsible for restitution to victims, including but not limited to any therapy and court costs incurred.

Judge Laird read Miramon his rights and questioned his public defender, Casey Moore as to whether a request to lower bond would be sought. Moore explained that as the prosecution is still in discovery and with the possibility of more victims and witnesses, he would not be seeking to lower the bond at this time. Miramon’s current bond is set at $500,000 and he remains incarcerated at the Valley County Jail.

Judge Laird set the date of the Omnibus hearing for Monday, December 14th at 10 a.m. and explained that if a lower bond was to be sought in the future, normal conditions would apply. These conditions include maintaining contact with the law enforcement and the court system, no contact with victims or anyone under the age of 18. As he would be currently allowed to return to the home that he shares with a girlfriend, she would be advised and held responsible for his supervision. In addition, he would be allowed near any schools, public parks, and would not be allowed to use the internet.


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