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By Krista Fahlgren
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Siren issue pops up in Council Meeting


December 23, 2020

Updates to the city phone system and community siren, progress on the City Pool Bathhouse, and new faces at Parks & Rec and the fire hall were the major topics of the Malta City Council at meetings held on November 24 and December 8.

At the November 24 meeting, Public Works Director Jim Truelove reported that the city siren could no longer be set off by the timer in the Council Room or from the Sheriff’s Office. The electrical system, dated from the 1950s, needs to be rewired and a new electric panel needs to be installed. The cost of the repairs would be $9,300.00. In the meantime, the city staff will set it off manually. Truelove updated the Council on December 8 that parts had arrived and that the siren would be out of service until the repairs are completed.

Clerk Lorie Bond reported that she had received a $2,772.93 quote from Triangle Communications for a new phone system for City Hall. Clerk Bond stated that it was not an urgent need, the current phone system was working. Mayor Demarais noted that the current phone system was around twenty years old and asked that it be placed on the next agenda. The expenditure was approved at the meeting held on December 8.

On November 24, Councilperson Hicks inquired about the progress of the pool bathhouse project. Director Truelove stated the contractor still had two stucco walls to complete. The council stated that they thought the contractor was no longer on the project and requested that he be removed. Truelove reported on December 8 that the contractor had been removed, and a quote had been received from another contractor to finish the remainder of the job. City crew member Nick Cilz is building furniture for the project and he is pleased with the quality of the work.

Parks and Rec Director Sally Wright introduced Kristina Benner as the assistant director at the November meeting. Clerk Bond reported on December 8 that Greg Boos would be stepping down as Fire Chief of the City’s Volunteer Fire Department as of December 31, 2020, and Josh Newman would be taking over the position.

Director Truelove reported on November 24 that the hydrant flushing was completed. Four of the hydrants installed during the water project will be repaired in the spring. He also noted that there was a dig on Central Avenue due to a leaking service line between the main and the curb stop. Vehicles had been serviced, Trafton Park was closed for the season, and snow removal would be taking place when needed. On December 8, all of the Christmas lights and banners were up. The Trafton Lift Station parts had arrived after being held up at the Canadian Border.

On Dec 8, Mayor Demarais informed Council that Great West Engineering had presented Malta Trails a contract for $2,500.00 for the engineering service needed to refurbish the old Milk River Bridge at Trafton Park into a walking bridge. Mayor Demarais stated the Bob Church from Great West Engineering thought that bridge improvement could be funded by grants. The Malta Trails committee will begin the grant writing process shortly.

Motions that received approval include the Amended Plat: Malta Original Townsite – Lots 39 thru 42, Block 3, Malta Original Town Site, SE1/4NE1/4, Section 18, T30N, R30E, and P.M.M. Phillips County, Montana on November 24. The Hi-Line Retirement Center Community Development Block Grant, Draw#1, and 2021 fuel purchases from Westside Self Service were approved on December 8.

Meetings of the Malta City council are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 22, 2020, at 5 p.m.


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