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By Jenny Tollefson
Phillips County Health Nurse 

COVID-19 Vaccine update from PC Nurse


January 27, 2021

The Phillips County Health Department announced on Monday, January 25, that they have entered phase 1B for distribution of their COVID-19 vaccination plan.

“This is for individuals 70+, 18-69 years with a high-risk medical condition, Native Americans and other persons of color who may be at risk,” Phillips County Health Nurse Jenny Tollefson told the PCN.

According to Nurse Tollefson, the PC Health Department has only received limited amounts of the vaccine; 100 doses so far, but that she and the staff are committed to getting the vaccine out every week.

The aforementioned 100 doses are already scheduled to be given out to those that have signed up in weeks past.

“We are scheduling people in our office based on our waiting list we had started,” Nurse Tollefson said. “We are opening up the list again, so give us a call at 654-2521 to get on our waiting list IF you meet the above criteria.”

Nurse Tollefson also said that the facility is not offering COVID-19 inoculations to those that do not meet the criteria of Phase 1B. She also asks the public “Please refrain from calling to check if you are still on the list, or to see where you are on the list, unless it has been 2-3 weeks before hearing from us.”

She said that it will take some time to vaccinate the county.

“Please be patient and understand the barriers we are all facing,” Nurse Tollefson said. “Aside from the vaccine we’ve received, we don’t know how much or when we will receive more. It is a week by week process. Thank you all and we appreciate your support so much.”


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