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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for February 10, 2021


February 10, 2021

Just for your information, winter arrived with a mean force! Not much snow here in Loring, but the negative highs are enough! Looking on the bright side, winter shouldn't last longer than a couple of months instead of six. I'm thinking that a little more snow might be welcome, or maybe spring rains!

You know how I'm always on the lookout for birds, especially snowy owls. A friend from California sent a newspaper article that reported a snowy owl being sighted in Central Park, New York City! As soon as it was reported the birders started stalking it and she “flew the coop”, so to speak. It was the first sighting in 130 years!

Loring Lutheran Church held their annual meeting this Sunday. We have had a successful year, even with Covid time off. Orvin Solberg will be giving the sermon next Sunday.

I visited with Debbie Dyrdahl on Tuesday. She is doing well, but misses her friends from the north!

Carol Lumsden and Etta Blunt went to Billings to see Jonnae Slade and her children! She said it snowed quite a lot down there!

Paula Morrison got her grandma time in with the three K’s on Friday, while Jason and Cherisha attended a funeral in Lewistown. She asked me to come up for dinner, and the boys and I put a couple of puzzles together while Paula slaved over the stove!

Have a great week and be kind! Happy Valentines Day!


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