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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News & Opinion for February 10, 2021


February 10, 2021

Sympathy and prayers to Lou Bruckner, and friends and family, on the loss of her husband Glenn. Also, on the loss of her son, Dale, who passed about a week before his dad. Very sad.

“Get well,” to all who are sick. We are sorry to hear that there was a fire in the Olsen’s barn! I don’t know the details, but no one was hurt and that what matters. Fires are dangerous.

Jeanie Green is beginning lambing. They (Lambies) are so cute, they are also showing up. I used to feed bum lambs and calves on bottle. It was really fun.

How about the Whitewater Penguins and the North Country Mavericks?? They have toy ratings. I’ll let the sportswriter report the scores and logistics. Good luck to all teams.

Remember: It isn’t whether you win or not, it is how you play the game.

Recently, our postmistress, Ashley Green, was called to “jury duty” in Great Falls. Heather Simonson worked at the post office in Ashley’s place.

I was called to “jury duty” years ago. It was a murder case. They asked me “Do you believe in capital punishment?” (That’s killing someone!). I said, “I am against any capital punishment!” They let me off.

Whitewater Lutheran church welcomes Pastor Cindy Clark as a speaker on Sunday. She (Cindy) has a beautiful singing voice too. She and her husband Ken were welcomed to the church.

Dixie Stordahl (Loring Correspondent) went somewhere in Glacier Park, as she won a trip. How Fun! Dixie often comes to North 40 senior meals on Wednesday too. Here is a report from “Whitewater Weather Bureau,” weather is warm; about 40 above, with no snow! This is rare for Montana. Oh, the weather groundhog, Phil, saw his shadow on February 2, this means we will have six more weeks of winter. Whitewater people expect more winter, think spring.

Helen A.


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