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Dodson News for Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fall is sure moving up fast----the leaves are falling like snowflakes ---have hauled two loads to the dumps already. It is fun to watch the trees---some shed their leaves so fast while others lose a few and then sit before sending any more down. The temps are getting a little cooler every night too.

Bill Henry stopped at his mom's on Friday, moving home from jobs over East.

Terri Cole returned home after medical treatment in Billings and visits with some of the kids.

Polly Solberg returned home after having a good weekend watching her grandson as one of the mascots for the Cats and was able to visit other family on the way home.

Tammy Voice was here over the weekend visiting and finishing up moving.

The school was busy and alive on Saturday evening with basketball. Good luck to all the teems as the season gets in full swing.

Greetings to all having birthdays and anniversaries this week---hope they are good ones.

Do not measure your life by your goals, but by what you are actually doing to achieve them. Eleanor Roosevelt once said," No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".

Enjoy the sunshine and the warm days ----have a good week.


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