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By Marko Manoukian
P. C. Extension Agent 

Grasshopper forecast, a slight improvement


February 9, 2022

A map of the USDA's grasshopper forecast for 2022.

Grasshopper outlook 2022

Unfortunately for most of Montana, the grasshopper outlook is only slightly better than 2021.

The Rangeland Grasshopper outlook is developed through surveys of adult grasshoppers in the fall of 2021. The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) conducts the survey and compiles the outlook map. In the state of Montana, 45.8 million acres are forecasted to experience 8-15 grasshoppers per square yard (orange) and 8.6 million acres are projected to have more than 15 grasshoppers per square yard (red) with 15 grasshop...

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