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Willis Lee "Bubba" Kent Jr.


February 9, 2022

Willis Lee "Bubba" Kent Jr. 63 (not 64) passed away January 27, 2022, at Great Falls Clinic Hospital in Great Falls Montana. Celebration of life will be Saturday, February 5, 2022, at the Malta VFW Club at 12:00pm. We will have a true Bubba party for close family and friends at a later date.

Bubba was born October 17, 1958, to Willis and Rachel Kent Sr. in Louisiana Missouri. He joined 3 sisters, Carolyn, Janice, and Marilyn, later he became the only brother to 5 sisters and the big brother of Rita and Cindy.

Bubba enrolled at Art Instruction Schools Inc. October 3, 1972, where he took art classes through the mail, he received good scores and praises from his instructors.

Bubba's father was a well-known trapper in the state of Montana, Bubba spent many years helping his father. Bubba always asked how many people do you know who have skinned more than 600 coyotes in their life? He loved those times with his dad and spoke of them often.

Bubba was in Wyoming when he met and married Marcia Billings on April 10, 1982, they made their home in Lewistown Montana where they had a son Logan on November 22, 1986. They later separated but remained good friends to raise their son Logan.

Bubba wore many hats throughout his life including working in mines, master carpenter, road construction, trapper with his dad, taxidermy assistant, convention salesmen and most treasured he was an Artist and inspired so many people and shared his love with many children along the way.

Bubba was very proud and loved his son Logan, and as he called her his only daughter Angel. He had 4 grandchildren who he cherished and loved.

The following was written by a great friend of Bubba's.

Our hearts are heavy with the news of the passing of our good friend Willis "Bubba" Kent, Jr. From the hours of 6am until 11am, Bubba was a savant, a jack of all trades, a deep philosopher, and an artist with a unique connection to his Montana roots. His artwork spanned many mediums and he found joy in gifting so many with his works, albeit on a bar napkin, coaster, his sketch pad, or on leather. They were instant treasures blessed upon their recipients.

In 2008, Bubba drew "Moose Camp," on a piece of deer hide. Bubba was the camp cook and keeper, and as onery as his demeaner may get after 6 or 7 days in camp, coupled with the rationing of the beer supply, the food was always on point and camp was always tidy. That hunt was special to Bubba, and to his nephew and friends.

Bubba cared about people. He was extremely gifted and talented. And with great talent often comes great trouble. Artists like Bub are often highly sensitive empaths, and sometimes they seek to numb. 11am, Bub cracked a beer and became a conversationalist with the rest of his day, realizing a gradual decline in terms of tact and lucidity as the day wore on. Still wanting to make people happy, he'd draw them a picture, an outhouse, somebody's homestead down south, you can see Whitewater in some of them, SW MT in others. It always felt like you had been in the places he'd drawn. He'd give them away, maybe trade for a beer. Ol' Bub left his treasures everywhere, and a piece of his heart with them.

A friend asked if Bubba really knew how talented he was or if he fully knew his worth. He does now, and he's free from his troubles. The legacy of Bubba is strong. (By Nate Salsbery)

Bubba was survived by his son Logan (Angel) Kent, Grandchildren Vanessa (Dane Dvorshak) Kent, Adrianna Kent, Roman Kent, and Rachel Kent. Great Granddaughter Avariah Dvorshak. Sisters Carolyn Findley, Rita Carlson, and Cindy Rhoads. He is also survived by many loved nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews. He is survived by so many friends who will all tell a Bubba story or two from time to time.

He is preceded in death by his parents Rachel (Arnold) Moore, Willis Kent Sr., his sisters Janice Gates, and Marilyn Kent and his old friend Gus.

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