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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for Wednesday, August 17, 2022


August 17, 2022

School is starting for most of the county's school-aged children this week! I hope everyone has a great year!

I spent a few days in Billings with my son’s family and Debbie. Brandie and I took Rocco to Bozeman to stay with Jake and his family for the weekend. It was a pretty drive and Jake and Jazel were great hosts!

Brentton, Abby and Zayden, Jeannie and Zoey, and Debbie joined us for dinner on Thursday.

The temperature was really up there even at night. But on Saturday a nice torrential rain hit for a few minutes!

Diana Engel drove down with me and she visited her son Layne and family! And of course, helped with a garage sale, which is Diana’s forte!

David Stordahl and I were at Sam’s Club when we ran into Zelda and Joey Fox! We had quite a visit right at an intersection of two lanes at the store. Nice to see you guys! Kenny Clark went to Fort Peck to see the production that Mylee and Bryten were a part of! They broke camp and traveled back to Loring full of encouragement and excitement! Cindy Clark also attended the production! She commented that it was impressive! The crops are being harvested. The days are hot and dry except we did get about two-tenths of rain while I was gone!

Kindness is the cheapest gift!


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